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Many people are choosing to move to Dover, DE, after they retire. Between the low tax rates and experiencing all four seasons, people are taking notice of the state for many reasons. With relevance dating back to the 1700s and the signing of the Constitution, Dover boasts charm and history. While remaining historical, Dover also is continually growing and building new communities. Retirees moving to the area can buy a historical home or choose to live in a brand new division.


Burns & Ellis REALTORS® put together a list of five reasons to retire in Dover. If retiring here is a possibility for you, we would be happy to help you find your new home in the area! Contact us today to get started!

Five Reasons to Retire in Dover

Low (or No) Taxes

One of the primary reasons people love to retire in Delaware is the low income and property taxes, and there is no sales tax! Delaware offers not only the lowest property tax rates but also seniors receive exclusions on their pension and 401(k) income and additional tax credits for being a homeowner over the age of 65. You really can’t go wrong!

Many Housing Options

Dover is thriving while retaining its small town, historic charm. If you’ve always wanted to own a historic home, Dover has many to choose from, all with their own unique charm and character. Many new, smaller homes are available for those who want a house but nothing too large to care for. Dover also has condos and apartment buildings for those who no longer wish to care for a house. New active adult retirement communities have popped up recently, making Dover an easy choice.  

Near the Ocean

If you’ve always wanted to live near the ocean without the heat or risk of hurricanes, Dover is the perfect location for you. Delaware Bay is just a short 15-minute drive from Dover, and the Chesapeake Bay is under three hours. In fact, there are 28 miles of beaches in Delaware for you to explore! Not to mention the 10,000 acres of state parks as well.  

Still Near It All

If you want to remain in the northeast but with lighter taxes, then you must visit Dover. It’s close enough to Washington, Baltimore, New York, and Philadelphia that you can visit them on the weekends. They are all under 200 miles away! You are within proximity to some of the major cities while being able to live easier on a budget at the same time.  

Experience All Four Seasons

 Being located in the northeast, Delaware experiences all four seasons. The temperatures in the summer are usually in the mid-seventies, with the occasional day in the eighties, and winters get cold enough for snow. This means you can enjoy activities on or near the ocean in the warmer months and ski in the winter! There is plenty to do, indoors and outdoors, all year round.  

Get Ready to Retire in Dover

Dover is the best of both worlds – quaint but busy, historical but modern, affordable but upscale. It’s no wonder so many people are choosing to retire here! When on a fixed retirement, you can’t afford to pay high taxes, which makes Dover an excellent retirement location. With low taxes and pension bonuses, living in Dover is easy. Not to mention the myriad of things to do, from exploring the culture and historical sides of the city to visiting the ocean or the many state parks. There is something for everyone over the age of 55 in Dover, DE!   When you’re ready to start exploring housing possibilities in Dover, contact the team at Burns & Ellis REALTORS®! Call our office today at 302-674-4220.