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Technology is constantly changing the way we live our lives. Every year, new systems and tools are designed to help us accomplish things quicker and improve our experience. Take virtual reality and AI, for example. Both are new technologies that can drastically impact our personal and professional lives. 

When it comes to real estate, new technology is designed to make the home buying and selling process a better experience for buyers, sellers, and real estate agents. Digital signing makes it possible to buy or sell a home without having to set meetings to sign the paperwork, property managers can manage their tenants and accept payments online, and people can shop for homes through virtual tours without ever visiting in person.

Located in Dover, DE, Burns & Ellis REALTORS® is not immune to the changes in the real estate industry. Below is a breakdown of a few ways technology is changing it for the better.

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Five Positive Effects Technology Has Had on Real Estate

Virtual Reality 

Pictures are not enough anymore. Not even 360-degree videos will cut it for millennial home shoppers. Virtual reality is the new way for home buyers to “visit” a home before they decide to see it in person. This allows buyers to feel as though they are walking through the property and get a sense of the space. It helps to save time that might have been wasted visiting a home in person that isn’t the right fit.


It goes without saying that we cannot live without our phones and the apps that are on them. In real estate, many apps make the home-buying process easier and more enjoyable. With certain apps, you can set parameters and get notified when a house that matches your criteria is listed. Likewise, sellers can get more eyes on their homes when they are listed where buyers are already searching.

Digital Signing

It’s still possible to meet in person and sign the paperwork, whether at the home, a coffee shop, or the real estate office. However, nowadays, any paperwork can be digitally signed from anywhere in the world. Through systems such as Authentisign, agents can mark where a buyer and seller need to sign and have it sent to their email. This dramatically speeds up the home buying and selling process.

Drone Images

Images from a drone help to show buyers the entire property in a different way. They can see the layout of the yard and driveway, how close the house is to the road, and more. Drone shots are especially useful when buying and selling land because it makes it possible to experience the property in a way you cannot on the ground.

Smart Home Systems

Technology is now built into many homes as well. This includes alarms, cameras, audio systems, lighting, and more. Smart systems make home buyers' lives easier, and many shop for homes with smart technology integrated throughout. It’s proven that shoppers are more likely to purchase a home with smart technology than without.

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It’s no secret that technology is changing everything about our way of life, including how we buy and sell real estate. If you are in the market for a new home or interested in selling, contact the professionals at Burns & Ellis REALTORS®. We ensure a positive experience and stay current on the latest technological and market changes to help you achieve a favorable outcome. Call us at 302-674-4220 today!