Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the sale of our home.
We truly loved that place and it was a hard decision to put it on the market. But retirement to Lewes was in the cards.

We were very comfortable working with you. You seemed to understand our needs and advised us well. You made the whole process very easy. And your sense of humor helped when the first agreement fell through. It was only a few days later that we received a very reasonable cash offer. We are grateful that you were able to negotiate that!

Thank you for letting us know that the new buyers are happy with their purchase. We do miss that house, but with all of the virus stuff going on, being down here in Lewes is a good thing!

We won't be needing your services anytime in the near future, but we will recommend you highly in the event any of our friends are in need of a realtor!

Missing your daily emails and texts!!!
Stay well and safe!
Veronica and Jill
I worked with Heidi Lutman to buy a home and she was amazing. Heidi was always quick to respond, available to meet me anytime and an expert negotiator. I’ve bought and sold homes before with other realtors and Heidi is one of the best.
Kim Legans

Thanks for all the hard work and a quick and successful settlement. If ever the occasion comes up we will highly recommend your services. You were truly a pleasure to work with.
Mark Mott-Lynn

You're a tough person to be able to commend. I really wanted to thank you for your whirlwind work in getting our house sold so fast. On the 8th day of listing, our true agent gave us a gift...an offer that needed to be materialized within the month! Four weeks, rushing around and Closing!!! Yes it sounds like another Christmas song. Like our friends, etc, we were initially wondering how long it would take to get an offer, especially with the holiday season coming on. You told us to have hope as people move all the time! Sure they do! Our home was bought by a nice couple, returning home to US!

Thank you very much Edna, for helping us sell our home and wish us bye on our merry way to Florida. Thanks to you, we're now enjoying the warm 70's when Delaware is shivering with cold...You helped us make our dream come true.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and hope we stay in touch!
Joy D'Souza
Dear Edna,

I want to thank you so much for the help you provided in selling the homes of my aunt and my grandmother. With their unfortunate passing within a week of each other, my mother and I were assigned to handle their estates. As anybody knows, this can be very challenging and emotional when dealing with family paperwork and selling the family home.

Within two weeks of each home being placed on the market we had pending contracts. To help simplify the paperwork and the settlement process for all the heirs, you allowed them to sign all the legal documents beforehand, so they were not required to be present at settlement. This saved a lot of time and scheduling trying to get all of them available for one date/time.

Your professionalism and efficiency in both listings helped my mother and I tremendously and I would highly recommend you to anyone!

Thank you so much!
Rebecca and Sue
Dear Shalini,

I guess you might have thoughts about our relationship in this sale especially in light of my peculiar personality and business style but it is what it is and for me it works. As you are aware I spent at least 35 years in real estate as a broker and have been associated with many different associates during that time and I was cognizant of the good and bad way to represent real estate and prospective clients. I felt that it was necessary for me to know and like who was going to sell my property. I called and used my computer to ascertain the four best RE companies in my market area and then found the best associates at those companies by using the same sources that I previously used. Once I accomplished this I made calls and then made calls to the associates. I then invited the four companies to come to our home and then do their homework and return with their marketing proposal for our home. Frankly I was impressed by some and not so by others but everyone gets to the bottom line using their own technique so I did not totally discount someone on my personal bias or opinions.

In your case I was immediately impressed with your appearance as well as your personality and style. You alerted me to your successes with out making the interview an opportunity to "brag" and show-off your sales history. You showed interest in our situation and life story and appeared cognizant of the quality of the surroundings. When you told me what you were going to do for us, I felt that you were accustomed to commit and carry out what you promised as your personal life required that commitment. Frankly, as we both experienced, there are many Realtors that talk commitment and promise much but do not follow through with action. These people rely on others to do their job, or the Company reputation or attempt to create a success story using their track record. Clients might be impressed with prior history but they really want to know what you will will do for them now. Further, I do recall that you told me that you were a newcomer to the business but you were learning and succeeding. Many Realtors create such a dramatic history that they often find it hard to live up to that history.

You promised to accomplish the task of selling our home by using every means at your disposal and you did that. You promised that you would keep in contact with me at all times and you did that even when your calls to me or from me were not positive or happy news. You were always available immediately by telephone, e-mail or by personal appearance. Even though our sale was unique in its procedure you recognized that the procedure was working and you allowed it to happen without comment.

Shalini, I would not be dramatic or over the top in my wording by me telling you that I consider our sale to have been a perfect sale where you are concerned and never have I experienced a real estate transaction where the Realtor did everything and more than was required to finish the transaction. Hopefully you will continue your career with the humility, expertise and endurance in which you displayed with our home. If ever we can help you in any way we are here for the asking. You have been a pleasure to work with and we would recommend you to anyone lucky enough to meet you.
Bob Priscoe
Things went great! Peter Shade did a great job and we recommend him to any person that is looking for a Realtor to sell their home. We are pleased with the outcome. Also, we want to thank Mr. Burns because he is the one that suggested that we use Mr. Shade.
Sylvia and Tom Holt
Shalini and Maggie are terrific and huge assets to B&E. They did a superb job working with a sound but tired house. When I needed to speak with them, they were there. I'm sure we three will remain friends for a lifetime! Thank you!
Ken Reuter
Hooray for September 30! In addition to being some longtime friends’ birthdays, it is the day that, after 12 years, we are homeless (well, no mortgage, at least!). Heidi Lutman took such good care of us in selling our home, despite us being clear across the country. Thank you for braving the ups and downs with us!

She even hugged the new homeowner today, as I would have done, had I been there! Kellie Miller Mondo, there is a wonderful new gal in 3 East Darby who will complete the neighborhood just perfectly. The house will still and always be full of love!
Jason and Sharon Work

Hope your Friday is going as planned, and looking forward to a great weekend!

We had hands down the smoothest home selling experience, and for a newbie selling home for the first time, we totally lucked out having Shalini working alongside us. Shalini is positive, energetic and a consummate professional. She took the time to explain how the process works and set realistic expectation from the beginning. She is communicative, providing us meaningful updates and followups but was always very respectful of our wishes. We sold the house to someone that loves the house as much as we did, and the transaction couldn’t be easier. Thank you Shalini!

Thank you again Shalini, honestly I punch myself thinking just how easy you made this! You are a top agent in my mind!"
Mavis Ting
Bob and I would like to thank you for helping us sell our house. As a long time friend from “the old neighborhood”, you were our first and only choice of real estate agent when we needed to sell our house. We both agree that you, Tom and your team where a great choice.

Months before we put the house on the market, you walked us through the process of selling and preparing our house. Our initial meeting eased our worries.

Our house sold after only 8 days on the market. Not only is that amazing, it also proves you are very knowledgeable, professional and respected in our community.

Again, thank you and your team for making what can be a difficult process very easy.
Bob and Kathie Enright
Our association with Burns and Ellis Realty began 50 years ago, and we would never ever consider any other real estate company in the Dover/Kent County area. Terry and Tom know all and more there is to know about the Delaware Real Estate business. And, they make sure their agents are kept abreast of the most current changes, and are always available to assist their agents when necessary. When you contact them, they go the extra mile and represent you 100%.
Darlene and Carl Z.
Tom & Terry helped us sell our house in Dover in one of the toughest climates in the great housing crash. We had to do everything long distance from North Carolina. Thanks to their diligence and dedication our house sold and we were able to move on. We will never forget you both, thank you.
Amanda & David Jordan
Sandy C.,
Thank you for encouraging me to meet my dream of buying a beach house. I have a new lease on life and am so excited!
Could pretty much 'sum-up' Maggie with a single word...FANTASTIC!!! We were selling my deceased mother's home and Maggie told us which of many offers was the best and why. She also knew the market value of the property. She was always there for us. Knows her 'stuff' and has a great personality.
Terry & Tom,
Maggie did a wonderful job helping me find my first home for my family and I. She worked with us night and day until we found just the right home. Once we found it she was quick, aggressive, and dedicated to make sure we got it! I would highly recommend her if you are looking to buy a home.
Tyler B.
Dear Terry & Tom,
I just wanted to convey to you the superb job that Becky Curry did on the selling of my home. She was delightful to work with, efficient in handling all aspects of the sale and charming everyone in the process. You should be proud to have her as one of your agents. Sincerely,
Barb A
Dear Tom & Terry,
have enclosed a copy of the note I sent recently to Ellen. We appreciate the professionalism again extended to us by Ellen and Burns and Ellis Realtors during the sale of our home in Dover! Sincerely,
Randy & Kathy
Dear Becky,
Becky, Thank you so much for all your help with our move to Delaware. You really made us feel relaxed and welcomed on our journey.
Jason, Carrie, Carson, Helen, and Meghan
Dear Sandy,
Thank you so much for the All Seasons gift certificate and for finding just the right house for our family! Craig told me you were a special lady. You are so kind - thank you! Love,
Deanie & Craig
Dear Becky,
Steve and I would like to thank you for all that you did to get us in our home! We greatly appreciate all your hard work and time spent to get everything done so we could move in. Thank you again,
Steve, Kathi & Kayla
Dear Tom,
I enjoyed working with you. I also think everything went smoothly, even though the timing issues came up at the end. Have a happy New Year. Please feel free to use me as a reference- I found you to be reliable, insightful, professional, and timely. Best Regards
Doug M
Thanks for the kind remarks. A number of our friends questioned us why, in this sellers' market, we did not sell our home without a realtor? Your professionalism proved that we made two correct decisions. First the decision to list with a realtor and second, and most important to list with you. Your assessment of the value was correct, you immediately brought a buyer, which enabled us to focus on our new home, and you helped us resolve the "water" problem to the satisfaction of both parties. Please feel free to give our names as very satisfied clients.
Dear Sandy (Coveleski),
Thank you for all of your help, support and advice over the past year of house hunting & house selling. But most of all, thank you fro bringing us to 20 Rodney Road, over new home. Best Wishes,
Julie & Garrett
Sandy (Coveleski),
We can't thank you enough for all of your hard work. What we thought was impossible, you made possible! We could not have realized our dream if it had not been for you! Thanks for believing in us, and working with us! We love our house and feel so blessed and fortunate that you were a part of it! Thanks Again,
Linda and Ryan Scott & Max too
Maggie did an exquisite job helping me to find a home. She found many options for me to look at and for each house she had my "house checklist" in mind 100% of the time. Maggie was extremely thorough and answered all of my questions. She was very open and flexible meeting me at various times that were easiest for me. She was patient with me when I asked to see places more than once and she was happy to provide me with everything I needed. Maggie was also very informative and explained to me multiple options that I had in regards to buying my new home. There was so much that I didn't know and she truly was so helpful in teaching me! She helped me make a sound & responsible choice when buying my home and made sure that I thought it over (which I truly appreciate because I would've picked a house that was too much for me to pay for). Maggie was always had what I wanted and NEEDED in her mind. Buying a house is supposedly such a stressful adventure, but I felt that Maggie kept me at ease the entire time. She is, by far, one of the best professionals I have ever had the privilege of working with and I highly recommend her for any realtor needs! I am beyond impressed with Maggie's expertise and professionalism!
Lyndsey C.
Dear Terry and Tom,
Ray and I want to thank you for all the hard work and sleepless nights you put in to helping us sell our house. We sincerely appreciate your dedication to customer service and all you did to make this look effortless. It is easy to see why you have been In business for nearly 50 years. Thank you!
Kim & Ray Book
Long before and from the day our "For Sale" sign went up Tom and Terry worked diligently towards changing that to "Sold". They were hands-on realtors, helping us stage our home, informing us on the realities of the market and keeping in close contact about buyer interest. They did a superb job at managing the long distance sale. We recommend them for their personal, forthright and experienced means of business.
Barbara & Hamilton Easter
Twenty years later and in a much different market, we once again reached out to Edna. Only this time it was for our son's first house. On a very tight budget and willing to make our own improvements, we thought that "short sales" would be our only option. How wrong we were. Edna was able to breakdown the pro's and especially the con's of short sales. Our search was now more focused. She graciously showed us any home we found worthy and was able to provide needed local information. When we fell in love with the house our son purchased, Edna as before, was non stop. Gathering and organizing all the needed signatures, tax info, utility cost, and even trusted contractors and inspectors was much appreciated. Our son and his girlfriend are all moved in and they are very happy with their home purchase and Edna. It goes without saying that you always remember your first home. We also remembered our first realtor, and are honored she helped our son. Thank you Edna!
David & Terri Ford
Maggie helped us find our perfect house!! She was very knowledgeable regarding the community. If there was a question she didn't know the answer, she quickly found out the answer! Very detailed and a pleasure to work with! Kept us up to date negotiations, construction completion, and any outstanding concerns! I would recommend Maggie to a friend or colleague! She made the process so smooth and flawless.
Krista S