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Maggie represented our family in finding out next home. We had started the home shopping process prior to talking to Maggie and were originally looking at building in a new development. When we ran in to questionable tactics by the builder's sales team, we sought Maggie out for help.

Maggie was instrumental in finding our new home. Her research and thorough knowledge of the area was extremely valuable. When we showed her what we were looking to build, Maggie was able to find a home, in a well respected and established neighborhood (that we didn't even know about), only 5 minutes from where we wanted to build. She saved us thousands of dollars and we didn't have to go through the wait and hassle of building.

Maggie made it so easy to go through the contract and settlement process. Her advice and guidance was invaluable to ensuring we were able to purchase our home.

I highly recommend her! 

-John Oliver