Peter Shade

Office: Burns and Ellis
Phone: 302-674-4220
Cell: 302-222-2893

A Top Producer For 2016! Pete has been a part of the Kent County community for his entire life. Raised in Dover and now raising his own family here, Pete is a long-standing and active member of the community, volunteering for the YMCA of Dover and various Youth Sports Leagues, amongst other activities.

Pete exclusively works with Burns and Ellis Realtors allowing him to bring his extensive knowledge of the community to every transaction, making him a valuable asset to both buyers and sellers. His affiliation with local professionals allows the buying and selling process to be seamless from start to finish. Constant communication is the corner stone of success and will be achieved with each client. Clients rave about Pete's nuanced insights about each neighborhood and home, as well as his vast network, and they always compliment his sincere commitment to his work and their goals.  Pete is incredibly dedicated, hard-working, positive, and gracious, and he knows what it takes to help each of his clients fulfill their real estate needs.  He makes himself accessible to his clients schedule and is available to work evenings and weekends.  Please feel free to contact Pete anytime to discuss your Real Estate investment.

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MLS: 6877211
MLS: 6884239
MLS: 6893580
MLS: 6912094
MLS: 6904162
MLS: 6820655
MLS: 6911358
MLS: 6911240
MLS: 6865165
MLS: 5986202
MLS: 6661487
MLS: 6447051
MLS: 6931769
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MLS: 6655245
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MLS: 6798106
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MLS: 6929231
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MLS: 6797038
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MLS: 6929630
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MLS: 6451000
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